Taking It Back

by 25 Keyz

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They say Bass is dead... They say it must change, evolve to stay relevant. I say, We must take it back to the roots. Take it back to when bass was feel good! Take back the throne from sub-genres and the new bass generation. As always... someone has to be first! So 25 Keyz will... I am 25 Keyz, and I am "Taking it Back"


released August 2, 2013



all rights reserved


25 Keyz Freeport, New York

Who is 25 Keyz?
The name 25 Keyz may seem new to the musical horizon, but Aaron Wilfork, the creative power behind the name, has been a force in the music since the dawn of Bass music!!
Armed with history of the scene, the music, the sounds, and the feel, the heartbeat of Miami Bass is 25 Keyz!
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Track Name: Work On Dat Ass
Bass so demanding outstanding
You'll say grand standing... I'm not!
Stop your complaining.
Sustaining bass that's so low... So hot.
Gotta getcha' on da' floor
We beats and rhymes that so hardcore.
With crazy beats and crazy cuts.
It's 25 Keyz and I don't need
No guy or machine.
On wax I make speakers sing.
Going live
Getting airplay
You dance to these rhymes that i say
But it's okay
My rhyme and bass
Gotcha jumping out in space
Stop sweatin' me. I'm the Ace
25 Keyz with this is gonna...
"Work On Dat Ass"
Track Name: On Da' Left
There's a brand new dance that's coming your way,
Both young and old, blind cripple or cray.
Put your request with your favorite DJ (and)
put your drink down and start to sway.
Back and forth
To the right
To the middle
Move to the bass
Move a lot, move a little.
It's the Miami version of the 2-step.
So move your body to the right
To the left.
Track Name: I Am The Greatest
It must be a reason why 25 is here
I think to put that fear
In those bass pioneers
I'm doing what they did
But they no longer do it
Then papa made a second chance
A second chance they blew it
So now it's my time
So now it's my place
To bring back the glory days of Miami Bass
With that kick
The Bass
Hi hat and snare
With that old school sample while 25 raps.
And it goes (zu zu zu zu zuzuzu)
(Make Noise... Be seen)
That's what I'm doing on the M-I-C.